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The best place to invest your money

The market for investment products is very large, and it can often be hard to make sense of it all. As an independent financial adviser, we have a worldwide network of competent and trustworthy partners. This allows us to find the most suitable investment product for you.

We place a lot of emphasis on security and preserving value. We will not try and persuade you to invest just anywhere, but will keep searching until we find the right product.

Individual investment options


Remain flexible with our open investment funds. Based on your needs and your means, we offer various share-, bond-, and property-based securities for your investments.

Closed funds, by contrast, provide an opportunity to invest in markets which cannot be accessed with small investment amounts.

Fixed-interest investments

For more risk-averse investors, fixed-interest investments offer the right kind of investment product. With no price fluctuations, downside risk, or reliance on stock market performance throughout the investment term, you know the returns you might expect to earn at the time of making the investment.

Savings bonds

Savings bonds are another investment type with very low risk. They involve investing an amount with a bank or savings bank for a set term and at a guaranteed interest rate. The longer the term, the higher the interest rate (as a rule).


Acquire shares in certain businesses and profit from their financial success. Unlike the financial investments referred to so far, however, shares are not about fixed returns. Investment in shares is associated with big profits, but also the risk of making losses, so requires a certain feel for the market. With the backing of our expertise built up over many years, you will be well equipped to explore the markets.


For investors with a greater appetite for risk, investment in commodities represents an investment option that can help protect against inflation.  Having said this, commodities are also associated with price fluctuations. But with our sound advice on commodities investment, you will always be on the safe side.

Alternative investments

Alternative investments offer innovative investment strategies with an optimised risk/return profile.

In this area too, we have been working with competent partners worldwide for many years now. This enables us to offer our customers suitable investments tailored to their financial and personal situation.