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Optimal insurance cover
for every stage of life

Ready for what life has to offer

We all have some kind of plan as to how our life should play out. But sometimes unforeseen events can interfere with these plans.

As an independent insurance partner, we can make provision for such events and look after your financial security – come what may.

We come up with holistic insurance concepts tailored to your personal plans and desires. In the event of a claim, we take care of things with the relevant insurance partners and are there to advise you as required.

Individual insurance concepts

Biometric risks

Secure your financial freedom and protect your livelihood! Biometric risks which threaten people’s livelihoods through sickness, accidents, or other circumstances can be minimised by individual insurance arrangements.

Retirement provision

Continue to enjoy your usual standard of living as you enter old age. Whether you are interested in government-subsidised voluntary pension plans (introduced in Germany by Walter Riester, the former Minister of Labour and Social Affairs), occupational pension plans, or even private life and pensions insurance – we have the right concept for your retirement provision.

Health insurance

Our health is the best thing we have – which is why we offer you optimal insurance solutions. In collaboration with various partners, we offer a wide and flexible product range for your individual health insurance needs.

Private property insurance

Protect your property. With bespoke concepts ranging from accident and liability to household insurance, we offer optimal cover for your possessions.

Commercial property insurance

Let us help you tailor a package of bespoke protection for your business. We offer various concepts and solutions to suit a wide variety of business types.

Cover for commercial risk

Businesses have numerous options to cover their employees in relation to certain risks. Various liability modules for senior employees, additional health insurance benefits, or options to cover employee absence – all these ensure production continues smoothly and help position the business as an attractive employer.